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Socialive Video
Socialive is the leading video creation platform for business

Socialive powers self-service video content creation for the enterprise.

Socialive is the fastest, easiest way to create, broadcast and distribute unlimited live and on-demand videos with studio quality.


The platform puts intuitive, professional-grade video production workflows into the hands of content producers and business users, lowering the barrier to entry and increasing employee-created video output.


By unlocking use cases for video that build human connections, organizations can drive business value through better, more frequent video production.

Why Socialive
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Why Socialive?


Increase and scale content output

Scale video production across your organization — all from one, secure library.


Improve engagement through more dynamic video experiences

Socialive’s dynamic layouts, custom graphics, smart audio controls and advanced communications make production a cinch.


Save money and reduce costs

Save time and budget by eliminating the complexities of in-person video production.


Reduce the tech stack

Socialive has robust capabilities for every step of the video creation and sharing process.


Improve speed and time to market

Our simple yet powerful platform enables teams of all experience levels to create video content across the organization.

Platform Overview

Socialive Platform

The Socialive platform allows you to produce high-quality video content with the team and resources you already have

Create professional live & VOD content
No video experience necessary
Built for enterprise
Deliver content to all your channels
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Cloud Video Production

Easily produce on-brand, engaging video content & distribute it everywhere.

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Recordings Library

Store, review & quickly refine your team’s video recordings in one place

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Mobile Capabilities

Live stream, join a broadcast, or capture video to your library from anywhere.

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Embeddable Video Player

Host video content on your own website/app with an embeddable player.

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How It Works

How It Works

Capture, produce, broadcast. Socialive brings end-to-end simplicity to your video workflow.





Video files

Zoom, Teams, Webex & more
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Social media

Enterprise video CMS

Virtual events platform

Team collaboration



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